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                                    Many companies say that their relationship with their clients is of
the utmost importance, but there is nothing we won't do for our clients.
We care so deeply about our work, and we take tremendous pride in
what we do. Here is what some of our clients and partners had to say:

"Mission Incorporated helped me apply for new funding and to create a realistic
budget. I got nine grants totaling $42,000 this year with that budget. Mission
helped me to keep the money consistent and without that our mortgage does
not get paid, our women go back to abusive relationships, and there are more motherless children."
Michelle A Simmons
Founder and Executive Director, Why Not Prosper
August 2013
"Congratulations on receiving the Minority Business Leader Award. Given
all that you have accomplished I can't think of anyone who deserves this
recognition more than you. This award is another example of your commitment
 to excellence."
Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown
August 2013
"Thank You So Much For providing the Fundraising RX Training to our grant awardees. The attendees learned a lot and expressed gratitude for your insight. Thank You for being a friend of WOMENS WAY.
Jenniter Leith
Director of Grantmaking, Womens Way
April 2013
"Before our client-consultant relationship, I sat on the Board of Directors
of BEBASHI Inc.Transition to Hope, where Lawanda was the Director of
Development and Public Relations.  I am now the Founder and Executive
 Director of Haven Youth Center, Inc., a service agency for kids infected with
and affected by HIV/AIDS located in Southwest Philadelphia. With the help
of Mission Incorporated, we just secured $50,000.00 from AACO for Targeted HIV Testing.  Mission Inc.’s President & CEO Lawanda Horton Sauter and her team
handled all aspects of the RFP including research, communications with my
 Board of Directors and AACO analysts, composition, revision, assembly, and
delivery. I recommend Mrs. Sauter with enthusiasm as a seasoned and efficient
expert in nonprofit fund development."
William Brawner
Executive Director, Haven Youth Center
March 2012
"Mission Incorporated has become a valuable resource for me and my staff.
Lawanda Horton, President & CEO of Mission Inc., has hosted workshops
geared toward further developing their businesses and ideas and finding the
funding to do so Lawanda did
such an amazing job teaching a grants seminar that we have invited her back to teach additional seminars. Therefore it is my pleasure to recommend Lawanda Horton and Mission Incorporated."
The Office of State Representative Tony Payton Jr.
March 2012
I worked with Mission Incorporated and Lawanda on a State Grant Application.
Lawanda is a detailed-oriented professional who possesses a deep understanding
 and knowledge of business models and systems. Her superior research
capabilities enables her to go above and beyond in servicing clients;
even when all the details are not readily available. In short, she will find the answer! I highly recommend Lawanda to anyone seeking to obtain reliable services without the headaches of  feeling like you have to micro-manage someone"
Marsha Carter, MyBizNext, LLC
December 2011
"Lawanda and I worked together at BEBASHI, where Lawanda was Director
 of Development.At BEBASHI, Lawanda showed a truly creative approach to her
 work, and her experience in the field was apparent. She demonstrated mastery
over several areas, from event planning to fundraising  campaigns. Lawanda was
a joy to work with, and her obvious passion for development work was contagious,
 I found myself very interested in learning more about it after working with her on
various projects. She handles multiple projects and a high workload well-
she always had a lot on her plate- but balanced her time for each project.
I hope I have the opportunity to work with her again."
Rosa Plasencia, Attorney at
Greater Wisconsin Agency On Aging Resources
 & Former Programs Assistant, BEBASHI Inc.
February 2010
"Having Lawanda's skill set is really beneficial. It will help these businesses and
nonprofits grow. It is key to the community's revitalization."
State Representative Stephen Kinsey
August 2013
 “Lawanda Horton of Mission Incorporated is a highly skilled dynamic
consultant in the areas of business, non-profits, and assisting individuals in achieving their dreams. As a person who is interested in running my own
 consulting firm, I feel Ms. Horton provides that lasso of support I needed
to get my feet of the ground. Ms. Horton is a true visionary!"
 Ameenah McCann, MS
The City of Philadelphia AIDS Activities Coordinating Office
November 2009
“Lawanda has excellent leadership skills and is very dependable, which would make her a very valuable assetto any company or business that she is a part of.”
Robert Baxter
Atwater Kent Museum of Philadelphia
March 2011

"I had the pleasure of working with Lawanda when she was the Director of Development at Carelink Community Support Services. She was the coordinator of our large annual gala and put together a wonderful evening. Lawanda's can do attitude and resourcefulness were evident from the very beginning. She is able to help nonprofits with their development needs and can make an immediate impact. I highly recommend Lawanda and her firm, Mission Incorporated."
Jake Mcdonald
Former Board Chair, CareLink Community Support Services
"Several of my students met you at the Young Women’s Leadership Workshop last weekend, and approached me excitedly about possibly having you as an
Internship Mentor and Career Day panelist. 
They RAVED about you.  I am honored to
extend to you and your colleagues an invitation to our 6th Annual Career Day &
Networking Luncheon.  I would love to have you share your experiences with our
students and inspire them to pursue their dreams. Feel free to forward the
 invitation below to your extensive network. I hope to expand our Black and
female participation. Please let me know if you are available!"
LaToya Coley
Teacher, Mastery Charter School
October, 2013